Einstein's Theory of ...........

Written on 30 Oct 2017

As a committed reader of the daily “i” newspaper, I loved a little gem of a piece in the paper recently about a scribbled note written by Albert Einstein being auctioned – in the end it sold for well over £1m, many times more than the initial estimate.

However, it was the few words of the note that really caught my eye. He had written: “A calm and modest life brings more happiness than the pursuit of success
combined with constant restlessness".

Now a lot of the clients that I see come because of really significant issues in their lives some entirely beyond their control (such as the death of a partner, redundancy or similar) but a good few are certainly relentlessly engaged on Einstein’s …”pursuit of success combined with constant restlessness” …….often with adverse results such as stress, anxiety, depression and so on.

I think that we are all becoming more aware of the benefits of being calm and modest in our aspirations and in the way in which we lead our lives – it was just rather nice to have a reminder of it from such an interesting source. Incidentally, Einstein apparently wrote this note and presented it to a staff member in the hotel in which he was staying in lieu of giving a cash tip. He advised that, as he was quite well-known, the note might end up being worth more than any cash tip. It obviously proved to be the case but I think the real value is proving to be the widespread dissemination of the message through the publicity surrounding the auction of the note.

Science will say that Einstein’s scientific work and scientific theories have been of the greatest value to mankind. I think that these few words of his have similar value!

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