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18 Sep

The Loss of a Space Mission

Supporting clients with their losses can seem a simple process from an outsider’s perspective but my experience has taught me it is deceptively simple. This is because the life-changing...

10 Jul

Understanding Loneliness

Have you heard BBC Radio 2 are talking about Loneliness this week? What a great and very important subject to focus on, bearing in mind that currently more than 9 million people in the UK are...

11 May

The importance of providing good mental health support for our young people

It is inevitable that I, and I am sure countless others despair at yet another announcement about problems regarding the support of mental health.

My latest cause for real concern was to...

18 Apr

Struggling with mental illness

How incredibly heartening it was to hear Prince Harry’s interview with Fleet Street journalist Briony Gordon about seeking professional help to address the mental health difficulties he has...

02 Feb

Young people affected by their family members diagnosed with a mental health disorder

I am so looking forward to the day when I can write a really positive blog about mental health as a result of some great news, like more actual, verifiable Government funding, or 1000 more new...

24 Jan

Let's create a world where mental illness is understood, effectively treated and ultimately prevented

Whatever you may think about the politics or leadership of Nick Clegg, I hope that you'll agree that he has been a vocal and stalwart ambassador for improvements in all aspects of mental health...

10 Aug

Try a Digital Detox

Eating out last night with friends, the people on the next table were a family of four, with the two children (aged around 10 and 8 ) and their dad, all on their iPhones and the mum looking...

14 Jul

Managing Change & Trying to Make the Most of It

How have you coped with these past three Brexit weeks?

Since the EU referendum on 24th June, many of my clients have spoken of the impact this is having on their lives. Anxiety, anger,...